Anhui Jiawen Organization staff to carry out health check-up 2022-02-20

In order to effectively maintain the physical and mental health of employees, increase employees' attention to health, make them more fully aware of their physical conditions, and effectively achieve "early detection, early prevention, and early treatment" of diseases, and effectively curb the spread of various infectious diseases in the factory area.  To this end, Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. organized all employees of the company to carry out health examinations at the "Meinian Health Checkup Center" on February 20th, 2022.


The physical examination includes surgery, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, liver function and other items. The employees who participated in the physical examination took the bus arranged by the company to the physical examination center on the same day, lined up to receive the physical examination form, and carried out item-by-item examinations under the guidance of medical staff. The employees who participated in the physical examination unanimously said that the company's organization of physical examination is a deep concern for us, so that we can devote ourselves to various work with a healthy body.


All along, the company adheres to the people-oriented principle, and regards the physical and mental health of employees as an important agenda. This move made employees feel the warmth of the company's home, further enhanced their sense of belonging, mobilized their enthusiasm for work, and played a positive role in the development of the company.

In order to do a good job in this physical examination, the company made careful preparations in the early stage, strengthened coordination and communication with the physical examination center, inspected the physical examination environment and physical examination equipment, and reasonably arranged physical examination batches to provide guarantee for the physical examination activities.

Finally, Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. reminds everyone that a healthy body is the foundation of a person's happiness. In today's fast-paced life.

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