Shanghai Hakkas Association President Xie Ying and his party came to Zhejiang Jiawen production base for investigation. 2022-02-18

On the morning of February 18th, 2022. President Xie Ying of Shanghai Hakka Friendship Association and his party came to the production base of Zhejiang JIawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd for investigation. The general manager Xiangdong, Liu of Shanghai Jiawen Company, and  The general manager Jing, Yin of Zhejiang Jiawen Company, warmly received.

In the production workshop and product exhibition hall, The general manager Jing, Yin introduced to President Xie and his party in detail the company's R&D design, production status, supporting fields of OEMs, and product after-sales market on main products such as automotive sensors, lightweight pipe fittings and decorative tail pipes. reported sales, etc.

When he learned that the company's current orders and production tasks have been scheduled to the end of June, President Xie expressed that he was very happy to see the progress and development speed of Gavin in the field of OEM supporting, self-owned brand building and after-sales! I hope that Gavin will make persistent efforts in the face of the severe global epidemic and blocked transportation, strive to achieve greater breakthroughs, and continue to grow bigger and stronger! The two sides also conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on corporate management, corporate culture construction, private brand construction and employment.


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