A new year, a new start, with big success and breakthrough in 2022 2022-01-16

2021 has passed quietly, and we look back on the glory and harvest; 2022 has arrived, and we are full of fighting spirit and hope. In the new year, with passion and challenges, Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has entered a new chapter in the company's development.

On January 15, 2022, the "Annual Grand Ceremony and Awards Ceremony" hosted by Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the hotel. All employees and company leaders of Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. gathered together to spend the party together.


Next, the company's leaders gave a speech, and Mr. Liu, the general manager of the company, came to the stage to give a New Year's congratulations! Reviewed the mental journey of Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in 2021, and affirmed the brilliant achievements in 2021. Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Step by step, climb the peak step by step. The development of JIAWEN is inseparable from the support of JIAWEN people, and the take-off of JIAWEN is inseparable from the cooperation of all colleagues. We have been on the road, on the road of struggle, on the road of hard work, the road in the past is full of sweat and passion. Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has entered a relatively stable development strategy. Work hard together, face difficulties, clarify development goals, adhere to development strategies, and climb to new heights side by side.


For this reason, the company has specially awarded several awards to outstanding teams and outstanding employees. With honor and glory, Gavin people took over the company's heavy recognition in gratitude. After a year of tireless hard work and hard work, they finally got their dreams. Achievement today.


Next, under the announcement of the host, the welcome programs carefully prepared by JIAWEN people began to be displayed on the stage one after another. Whether it's dancing, happy show, sketches, cross talk or singing, on this welcome stage, talents and individuality have been interpreted and released to the greatest extent, so that they can fully highlight themselves and show themselves, and let enthusiasm become the driving force for JIAWEN to pursue their dreams.


New year and new beginning. In 2021, he handed over a perfect answer sheet, but the pace of chasing dreams will not stop. In 2022, Yangyang will get "100 million", Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. will focus on the implementation of the project and sail to a new direction.

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