A warm welcome to Zhang Yumin and Shi Jiguo 2021-12-30

In December 2021, two leaders of Lingbi County and Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau Yumin Zhanng and Jiguo Shi and related personnel visited Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in Lingbi South Development Zone for inspection.

The leaders visited the company's production workshop, packaging workshop and polishing workshop. The company director Li introduced the company’s industrial development, project construction, equipment operation and production efficiency in detail. Director Li also introduced the company's 2021 production and operation targets completion status, 2022 business development goals, development ideas and safeguard measures, and production plans in recent months.

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JIAWEN will continue to uphold the management philosophy of "pursuing high-quality goods, attaching importance to environmental protection, ensuring quality, and customer satisfaction", strong product research and development capabilities and excellent product quality to make more and better products to serve the market.

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