Anhui Jiawen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. to organize fire safety knowledge training 2021-11-12

To further enhance anti-fire awareness, improve emergency handle ability, get correct usage of fire extinguishers and self-saving, an anti-fire training was arranged under company’s well-organized management on Nov. 9th.

The training was lectured by Mr. Wang, instructor from fire safety publicity service organization. He demonstrated in details fire-fighting equipment, how to put out fire and points to be paid attention to, self-rescue knowledge and skills. The demonstration enriched fire-fighting knowledge of staffs with its reality and operationality.


This training is also to enhance “safe-production 3-year-program”, and emphasis safety awareness against fire specially in Autumn and keep staffs’ overall safety level. Safety is the priority of whole company and key area of factory production. Occasionally fire fighting training and demonstration will keep people work in secured environment. 

This training improved anti-fire awareness and skills, spread knowledge and set up a good platform for efficient manufacture in the future.

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