Zhejiang Jiawen conducted fire drills and safety education training at the plant 2021-08-05

To implement safety responsibility, encourage awareness staffs' safety awareness, improve self-rescue and mutual rescue ability among employees, and to set up positive safe manufacturing environment, Zhejiang Jiawen Auto Parts Co. Ltd arranged fire emergency and safety production training on August 5th.

The program started at 12:30, the fire was simulated by Emergency Command. After learning basic knowledge and illustration of fire-fighting, staffs used dry powder extinguishers to put out fire. 


After the fire-fighting was a safety manufacturing lesson. Lecturer Chen Yunliang showed an extremely serious accident video, XiangShui Exploration, and an accident happened in a company in Haiyan, analyzed causes of accidents, increased safety responsibility awareness of factory managers and safety awareness of staffs in daily operation. 


This fire-fighting program and safety lesson increased the ability of Jiawen factory of dealing with initial fires and emergencies, improve staffs’ quick responsiveness with fires, and safety responsibility awareness of various operational workers. General manger of Zhejiang Jiawen factory witnessed this program and training, and demanded to enhance responsibility, refine work methods, thus can the factory provide better products and services.

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