Vice Director Chen and manager Zhou are welcome to visit our company 2021-06-23

With Covid-19 spreading in 2020, blustery environment and competitive market in automotive field, Jiawen faced a severe problem of finding out new growing business, new capacity and lower cost. Under such an interrogative condition, CEO Gavin Lau decided to launch new projects to get more market share, this decision showed new direction to Jiawen.

On June 15th 2021, Mr. Chen, Deputy Director of Service Center and Mr. Zhou, Investment Promotion Department, Zhejiang Wanghai New Technical Industry Zone paid a visit to Shanghai Jiawen. They were welcomed with hospitality by Gavin Lau and held efficient communication under pleasant atmosphere.

Still Jiawen has long way to go and numerous problems to solve, difficulties to overcome. We are lucky to be in right direction under Gavin's lead. So work hard, each and every staff! Make Jiawen a big brand, serve more customers! This is our target!

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